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suzi d'offay

Global PSYCH-K® Facilitator

BACP/ECCac Registered Person-centred and CBT  Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist

We all have a story to tell, mine no longer defines me, but if it can help you in anyway I will share it. First I'd like to share with you, that since my encounter with PSYCH-K, I feel like I have returned home. My life has transformed in ways I could never have imagined. My mind is open, trusting and curious, just as it was when I was a child. These days, I live in the 'NOW' reality where life just flows and synchronicities are natural occurrences that just makes me smile, because they remind me that the universe has my back. My dominant emotional state is gratitude. Don't get me wrong, I still have major moments when I regress back to beliefs and behaviours that do not serve me. 

The difference is that now, I have this cool tool that I have access to 24/7 in any given moment, wherever I am to balance myself back to the present moment to a 'Whole Brained State'. The more I do this, the more it feels like the most natural way to be and feel aligned with what is, rather than what if's and what should or could be's. Before I get into my story, let's do a little True or False experiment, trying on a couple of beliefs and consulting with your intuitive knowing, that is your inner wisdom, your navigating system, your inner ding, or whatever feels right for you to call it.

Unleashing your power within moves you towards your highest desires beyond your wildest imagination. Mine moved me here. View from my Balcony. I am grateful every single day! I desire to help you do the same because I know with the help of universe all are possible, when you know how! #PSYCH-KsessionwithsuziblissUnleashing your power within moves you towards your highest desires beyond your wildest imagination. Mine moved me here. View from my Balcony. I am grateful every single day! I desire to help you do the same because I know with the help of universe all are possible, when you know how! #PSYCH-KsessionwithsuziblissUnleashing your power within moves you towards your highest desires beyond your wildest imagination. Mine moved me here. View from my Balcony. I am grateful every single day! I desire to help you do the same because I know with the help of universe all are possible, when you know how! #PSYCH-Ksessionwithsuzibliss

Tony Robbins

In spite of living in a culture where therapy is often focused on analysing the past, your biography is not your destiny. Its your decision that shapes your destiny, not your conditions 

Trust yourself to know...

allow your inner ding to guide you :-)

Sit down in a quiet space, take a few deep breaths and place your left hand on your heart whilst silently repeating to yourself; "I am meant to be stressed." Keep going for a few seconds and tune in to your feelings and bodily sensations. Now open your eyes. How do you feel? Just notice it.

When you are ready, take a moment before trying on the next belief. Again take a few deep breaths and place your left hand on your heart whilst silently repeating "I am meant to be peaceful". Stay in your body and notice the feelings and sensations as you repeat the statement. When you are ready, open your eyes. How do you feel? Without over thinking which feels more 'TRUE' in your body? "I am meant to be stressed, or I am meant to be peaceful"?

And if you were to ask your mind about it. What would it say? I think I can guess. It might sound something like; "Well thats easy for you to say Suzi. It all sounds great, but my life does not permit me to feel peaceful, while there are so many stresses in it." Ok, I hear you. I also hear our old friend 'Excuse' speaking. And if you could, would you? I am here to tell you that you really can be peaceful daily, regardless how full your life might be. A 2mm shift is all it takes, when you know how to communicate with your subconscious mind and get it to work for you. Then you will say - What stress?

If you would like to experience a session to focus on a specific area of your life, I will be delighted to facilitate and support you through the PSYCH-K processes and help you reconnect with the missing 'peace' in your life. It is always a great honour to hold the space where wisdom is revealed. I am excited for you, and I look forward to assisting you on your journey. Remember time waits for no one. Now is the only time you will ever have. Commit to yourself today and take action, since yesterday is already gone, and tomorrow is never promised, yet you wake up every morning with absolute faith and certainty, that you will wake up. How is that?

    My story

    'the sandwich effect'
    You can take the girl out of the island, but you cant take the island out of the woman!

    If you have ever been to the Seychelles, know someone who has, or even seen documentaries, then you know I am not exaggerating when I say I was born and raised in paradise. Island life was truly beautiful. I was raised on faith, not fear, and how grateful I am to my mother for such teachings as I wouldn't be the free spirit I always am, neither would I have had the self reliance, determination, strength and courage to move through the life lessons i came to experience, and still learning. Whether rich, poor, average, culturally diverse, able or disabled, all people lived in reverence and had great respect for each other. The energy on the islands were unified and harmonious. We lived by spiritual principles regardless of political agendas. Collaboration, interconnectedness, harmony, cause and effect and more. This is why meeting with PSYCH-K that is very much connected with the principles of nature felt like coming back home. Being kind, generous, supportive and compassionate was highly valued. These were the teachings of my childhood and served me well, as well as the teachings from nature herself. I am grateful to have experienced a safe home and childhood, until.

    1986, we arrived in London UK and two words "culture shock". As I reached adolescent it felt like the family fell apart. In short from colour to grey. Looking back now life was teaching me adaptation and resilience which I learned pretty quick in order to survive my new environment. Since all experiences have polarities, I experienced many adolescent adventures, equally all kinds of disparities, some too early for my years. Despite the challenges my personality was always bright, vibrant and optimistic which soon became a problem so I learnt like most expats who struggled to belong and fit in, to shrink and conform for acceptance. Of course that was the biggest betrayal to myself and took me out of my own integrity, but I was too young to even understand it until I arrived into adulthood, soul searching.

      make or break

      Fear vs Faith

      In 2004, having had enough of the grit working for what I call energy vampires (the corporate world), grace arrived and I decided I wanted to be my own boss, and utilise my gifts in a different way. I just love bringing out the best in people so what was I going to do? I went to college, picked up a prospectus, flicked through e voila. Counselling and psychotherapy jumped out, so I signed up and qualified as a BACP UK registered & accredited counsellor and psychotherapist 7 years later. I worked in various contexts — community, prison, hospice, private practices online and in person UK, Geneva Switzerland, currently como italy. I have worked with many people, with many human conditions, from prison inmates to Forbes self made woman, in over 10,000 hours and still going. I can tell you from my personal and professional experiences, at the core of all primary human fears are the same two nagging questions. "Am I enough and will I be loved?" It would appear we ask these questions when we are disconnected from our own divine nature. Do you identify yourself as a spiritual being having a human experience or a human being having a human experience or are you sitting on the fence?

      November 2019, three months before the pandemic hit, life called for another adventure. I packed up and moved to Lake Como Italy and 'Hello'. It felt like I had returned to the Seychelles, amongst the luscious nature, mountains and lake. You see since I had already learnt adaptation and resilience, lockdown felt ok. I cannot tell you how grateful I am each and everyday. My intuition has been the guiding force my whole life. With it you can never go wrong. There is so much I can say, and maybe one day I will write a book to share my wisdom, but for now I can say that my life and work are interconnected with one informing the other in the journey from wholeness, division and back to wholeness again. The difference in reality is living in a state of faith vs living in a state of fear. Pain is inevitable for our growth. It is a fact of life. Suffering is optional. When you believe you are powerless to change the circumstances of your life, suffering persists. Symptoms are your spirit's way of sending you 'Radical Change SOS' messages, so you can do something different. What I know is that life is borrowed and one day we all have to give it back. We are here to experience and enjoy everything mighty and wonderful without attachment, including our children, since we cannot keep anything from our last breath.

        Super synchronicities

        my collision with psych-k®

        On 24th December 2012, I experienced a wake up call that transformed my life instantaneously. I stood frozen by the hospital bed whilst witnessing my partner dying from lung infection that arose a week following chemotherapy. It all happened so quickly, then my mind just shut down into pure silence. I felt my heart opened up and my whole being/body transmuted this energy that I can only describe as being touched by the vibration of grace — blissful peace and unconditional love. That moment felt like eternity, and my mind just opened up into clear awareness as to why my partner had arrived at his physical death so prematurely. He had suffered Depression most of his adult life, and to his will coped by self medicating (Addictions), Emotional Repression (Depression) and Avoidance. I believe a life time of harbouring toxic emotional unresolved pain such as guilt, anger and shame, hopeless critical beliefs about himself and extreme stress are what caused his death, due to energy/chemical imbalances in the brain and body - The science of Neurobiology (Epigenetic), The Placebo Effect and Psychoneuroimmunology demonstrate strong evidence to support my perspective and understanding, but I believe he was disconnected from his own spirit and couldn't find his way back to himself. (Antonio gave me full permission before he died to use his story if it helps others)

        There are no such things as accidents...

        In the blur of it all, I remember saying to my self that no one should ever have to die this way, as if asking to something greater than myself, what I was to do! From there, the weeks and months turned into an obsession, and I felt possessed in search for answers, personal meaning and research into the mind/body connection and its implication on health. Synchronicities one after the other unfolded, and I found myself in New York City attending a Hay-House Event with some of the world's most advanced, Inspirational, scientific and spiritual minds on the planet. I intending to see Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Caroline Myss, as her book 'Anatomy Of The Spirit' on 'The Human Energy System', had captured my attention and brought me to New York. A huge bonus in the form of Dr. Bruce Lipton (Cell Biologist) showed up. Listening to Bruce's Epigenetic, and the findings in his latest book The Honeymoon Effect: The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth'- caused vibrational ripples among the audience.


          Every single cell in my body felt alive! I experienced an immediate Conscious and Subconscious shift and became very aware that I was exactly where I needed to be at that moment. Every word resonated, and made perfect sense to me - My questions answered! I had obtained a copy of Dr. Lipton's book 'Biology of belief' 2 years prior, and hadn't got around to reading - Of course it was the first book I read upon my return. There I came across PSYCH-K - its principles and function in modifying disempowering beliefs that contribute to illness and Dis-cease - empowering us to greater Health & Wellbeing. I was intrigued and so began the training soon after with the focus of working with myself and offering an additional service to my clients. 

          The results indescribable, and seemed too good to be true at first, but now I see those transformations as the most natural occurrences to what is possible when we shift our consciousness through changing our subconscious beliefs. My own personal transformations and that of others to this day amazes me so much, that I am now committed and devoted to facilitating and serving this work to the world, because I now understand [especially during this pandemic] the PSYCH-K process is here now to assist humanity towards radical change globally for the betterment of humans and the planet.

            its now or never

            radical responsibility

            Think me wild, but I believe PSYCH-K is on the planet because humanity is facing its 6th extinction and its time to wake up and save our selves. (SOS 2.0) Fear has been the predominant force in our lives for eons, and now we must ask ourselves. Do we forget everything and run, or face everything and rise? Since we are NowHere, going NoWhere, the shortest and longest journey we will ever make is that from our head to our heart. It's the big shift from living an ordinary to extraordinary life. They say all roads lead to Rome, and PSYCH-K is not for everyone, but if you want a pain free, short and simple path, it might be just the one for you. Its like the key that opens the door back to our true nature; the way of Integrity! We are shifting from victim consciousness, to becoming co-creators with the principles of Nature. PSYCH-K for me opened the door back to my own Integrity, to the best version of myself. I work with myself every single day, through the layers of old conditioning, but with PSYCH-K in my life I do it with ease and grace.

              Suzi D'offay 

              After nearly 20 years of counselling and psychotherapy practice, I am delighted to bring my experience in collaboration with your inner wisdom, to unleash the power within!